be Bold, be Beautiful, be You

WHO we are?

We are a young team. And like all young teams, we too are full of energy, courage and beauty. We are creative and innovative; we are men and women with great passion for our work, we are the simple people, with younger brothers and grandmothers, who dare to dream big. We can be found in over sixty locations; we also own three factory stores and we can satisfy the wants and needs of most of Romania’s major cities. But why stop there? We are planning on taking our business to the international market to countries such as Russia and Ukraine. We always smile. And we do so beautifully every time we remember the effervescent buzz that we get from our models. Ramona Olaru, together with the rest of our team, are the ones who challenge you to see if you have what it takes to be seen wearing one of our stunning creations.


Because everyone is unique in his or her way, and we strive to feed uniqueness and display personality. We create more than just clothes; we create a new medium for people to express themselves, in a simple yet sophisticated manner. Because wherever there are people who are willing to challenge beauty, you will find us, because we love the Bold Beautiful You!

WHAT are we doing?

Uniqueness is beauty; it is also our promise to you. A promise which is constantly pushing us towards making beauty accessible again, bringing it back to you through innovation. BBY beauty brings diversity. Our collections are not dictated by seasons or weather, they stem from emotion, opportunities, moods and events. Fast and accessible, snappy or passionate, bold or daring, whichever way you want to put it, BBY is like an extension of your personality.


BBY is not just a brand; it’s more than just a store or a window display. We are involved in every square inch that you show the world and we do our best to make the world look. BBY is our passion!

Is BBY for you?

BBY is a mirror for its customers. Because exactly like our team, our clients are young, effervescent, happy, active, passionate and fashionable and that is why they feel that BBY is right for them. Our work is focused on active, daring women. Weather talking over a cocktail, in the club, at the pool or over dinner, rushing through work or traffic, on date or with a mate, the BBY women stands out radiating beauty and confidence.”.


Warning! BBY may cause “ADDICTION“!

Delia Bargaunas
Customer Service Strategist